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Want to share your thoughts on the most recent Joy Fielding book you've read? Have a question to ask Joy? We welcome your comments and will publish a select number of letters on this page each month!

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Joy's novels have touched people all across the world. Some avid readers were inclined to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, to let Joy know how much her writing has meant to them. Here are just a few excerpts from letters she has received.

NOTE: The Best of Friends, The Transformation, and Trance  are out of print, and the only places you might be able to locate them are in libraries, used bookstores, or on e-bay. But I don't recommend searching for them- they're early efforts and nothing like what I do now, so I think you'd be disappointed. Please stick with everything from Kiss Mommy Goodbye  on.

Fans Write...

Dear Joy Fielding,

In all of my 69 years I have never ever had such an exciting 3 days of having a terrible cold while doing nothing but reading Life Penalty. Can't believe, as an avid reader, that I did not read you before.

I did not want to eat, drink or sleep, forgot all about my cold and sat glued to that incredible book for 3 days and finished it.

Unbelievably fantastic read, one of the saddest books I ever read, but the shocking great ending just left me totally satisfied. You are One Great Author and I'm going to add all of your books to my large library before I croak!

Madelon Keij

Dear Joy,

Sometimes, a good story makes a book sucessful and sometimes a sucessful book makes a good story ... in real life ... without paper, pen and ink. Without typewriter.

When I was 11 years old, I bought my first "Fielding" book. It was the beginning of a long Story about reading, thinking and dreaming. I child growing up... year after year. And I bought your books... year after year. And I loved your stories very much.

When I was 21, the life was stronger. Extreme. Loud and pretty fast. I didn't have enough money for all these challenges so I took a look at my bookshelf. I went out and sold all my Fielding books with the promise: I'll get the books back. Anytime.

After years I remembered my promise and bought book for book again. I didn't read them again, because I knew all the stories. It was only a promptings of the heart.

It was a big pleasure for me to meet you 2 weeks ago in Hamburg. It changed my sense of reading. You're so real in life, so humorous and very charming. Your affection for each book or your lying hand on the book cover before you returned it signed to your readers was very touching. It was a great gift in life and it felt so right.

A good story makes your books sucessfull and your sucessfull books make a good story ... in my life.

Thanks for being a part of this.

With Love.
Hamburg, Germany

I just feel the need to express the incredible sadness and happiness that I feel from reading this book (The First Time ).

I have read multiple others of your novels, all of which were great. This book, however, so different from your others, provides a wonderful example of true life, at its best! Thank you, thank you, thank you --- That YOU Exist.

Hello Joy,

Thank you for countless hours of enjoyment. Kiss Mommy Goodbye  is my favorite book of all time. I have read all your books from that one on, most of them many times. I just finished She's Not There  and am so happy to say that I adored it. I am so sad it is over. I read it in one day, could not put it down. Thanks for such an amazing story, can't wait for the next one.

Katie McWilliams

Dear Joy,

I just finished She's not there. Loved it. There's only one problem with your can't put them down. I read 176 pages last night until my eyeballs were falling out and I just had to go to sleep. I finished it today. I just wish you could write one every month. You are the best. Is there any way I could find your first book?

June in Maryland


Thank you so much for another incredible book. I have just finished Someone is Watching. Please, please never give up writing. You are truly one of the best. Thanks again, and I will be looking forward eagerly to the 2016 book!


Hi, Joy!

I picked up your new thriller, Someone is Watching, and am anticipating another great read by one of the best writers working today. I hope you sell lots of copies. Continued success in your future endeavors. Keep writing! I love your books!

Thomas Grant Bruso

To read your books is as if one stands before a painting with a landscape, is suddenly in and witnessed everything.

Great compliment from Germany
M. Jost

I have just finished reading Grand Avenue. Amazing story - so many twists and turns. How do you do it :)

Thank you for being such a great story teller. Your characters are alive in seconds.

Chris Parker

Dear Joy,

WOW!!! I am at loss of words at how truly profoundly amazing your books are! I am an avid reader of many books but since discovering your absolutely brilliant novels you are by far my favorite author! Since stumbling on to your books about a year ago I have read everything I can find that you have written! I am on permanent disability so I have some time to read however when it's a Joy Fielding novel I finish it the same day I start it! I just finished The First Time and this book touched my heart and soul in a way you could never imagine! I was truly captivated and crying so hard at the end! Thank you for your knowledge, insight, humour, and honesty that you put into every book you write. I am looking forward to your new novel and the many many more stories you have yet to tell!!

Love , a truly devoted fan : )

Hello Joy,

I have just finished reading Whispers and Lies - in German, where the novel is titled Schlaf nicht wenn es dunkel wird. Wow! It was so interesting all the way through, like the two other novels of yours I have read, both in German too. But what a complete surprise near the end! Such a masterful work. Such a privilege to read such wonderful writing. Many congratulations!

Best regards,

I too am a new fan!!!! I've read thousands of books over the years and never once read one by you and after a friend gave me the website: - I found the book Shadow Creek. It was so good that after I read it, I've been getting all your books to read from our local library. Yes, I'm still a "book" fan...

There is not one of your books yet that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed and have been very surprised by the endings. The characters just come to life and sometimes I would love to see you go back and "tell" another story with some of your great characters.

Looking forward to reading more of your books and hope you continue writing for some time to come.

A Fan.

Hi Joy,

I just moved next door to the library. I'm a prolific reader, and had quite simply run out of authors. I tend to read everything an author writes, but had pretty much covered J.D.Robb, James Patterson, Lisa Gardner, Greg Iles, J.A.Vance, Jeffrey Deaver, Alex Kava, Erica Spindler, Wendi Corsi Staub. Robert K. Tannenbaum, Lisa Scottoline, and Julia Spencer Fleming, to name just a handful. When I became frustrated, my librarian gave me a survey called BookMatch that recommends authors, based on one's answers. Your name was on it, so I picked up Still Life. Well, it's 1:51pm - my house isn't clean, and I haven't eaten (although I did take 5 minutes to feed my cat, and an occasional bathroom break) I devoured your book in one sitting, and I'm still marveling at your talent! I usually check out about 10-12 books every 2 weeks, and I've gotten pretty good at predicting outcomes. You had me sitting on the edge of my couch - my heart rate actually sped up as I anxiously flew though the book to see if Casey could possibly survive. You made all of your characters REAL! Every single one was well defined, realistic and fascinating. I wanted to know and CARED about each one and their intertwined relationships. I'm not going to clean today either - I'm going straight to the library to check out every single word in every single book you've ever written! Thank you! Thank you!

Sincerely, your new and devoted reader, Kate Guistolise

PS - this is the first fan letter that I've ever written in my life.

Dear Joy,

I am a HUGE fan of yours, having read just about everything you've written. I just finished The Wild Zone and loved it. It would be a terrific movie. I'm going out to get your latest and just want to ask you to please keep writing!! Your style is one that grabs the reader's attention, and your plot situations, while not something most of us everyday women will experience, are so intriguing yet believable.

Caroline Matzye

Hi, Joy!

I'm a new fan, having read 4 of your books over the last 2 weeks. I love your character development, the variegated shades within family relationships, the suspense, the logic, the intelligence of your characters and the intertwining plots. I am a new librarian, and will be promoting your books to everyone I meet!

Dina Schuldner
New York

I love your novels. I just finished Shadow Creek. It was so enthralling I could not put it down and read it all in one day. I can't wait till your next novel is published. Please don't ever stop writing!


Hi Joy,

I have never written to an author before, but I just finished reading your 2002 book, Whispers and Lies. I read about 2 books a week, as I am retired and love to read. A senior friend gave me this book, and I have to say, I was stunned with the ending. I do read a lot of mystery novels, and usually have them all figured out by the end. I think this comes from reading all those books! But, I just had to write and tell you that I was so totally blown away by this book. I even had to tell my husband about this book, as I could not get it off of my mind, how totally shocked I was, with the ending. I never saw it coming!

So, Thank You, for giving me a wonderful suspense novel, and an ending I never suspected. I will now pass this book along to my daughter for her enjoyment and shock.

Very sincerely,
MaryKaye Van Ooyen

Hi Joy,

I've read all of your books, and you've never let me down! I remember sitting in the library aisles as a teen enjoying the books and now I've just finished your latest, Shadow Creek, on my iPad. The times and technology have changed, but your amazing stories haven't! Thanks for all the great reads over the years and I'll try to wait patiently for the next book!

Sarah Boeker
Ontario, Canada


I just wanted to tell you "SHADOW CREEK," was amazing. I tried to read slowly to make it last, but it was impossible to put down. Sigh. Now I have to wait for next novel. I was sad to see it end. Bravo, on an excellent story. I truly enjoyed this read.

Melissa Sable

P.S. Congrats on your second grandchild!

I cannot put this book (SHADOW CREEK) down. Technically it's my first Joy book on the Kindle and I love it. This is one of her very best and is suspenseful and a total page turner. Thank you Joy for this wonderful book! It was definitely well worth the wait.


Hi Joy,

Long may you continue to thrill and delight with your fantastic stories full of detail and characters that draw the reader right in so that it all becomes so vivid and real. When I read I can't bear to put the book down but when I reach the end I feel that I have lost friends because these people have become so real.
Thank you.

Warm regards.

Hello Joy, I just wanted to say that you are, by far, my favorite author. I can always count on your endings totally throwing me for a loop!!!! I just read Whispers and Lies and once again, I thought I had it all figured out and was completely wrong.

I can't wait to read your new book this winter. Thanks for all the wonderful books you have written.

Laura Campbell

Bonjour! Hi!!

I read a lot of books and I came across yours by chance "Mad River Road" and I took a chance. As I did well! One of the Best thrillers I've read, I was spellbound throughout, great talent! You have a new fan in Québec!

Long and happy life to you,

Alain Lecompte
Laval, QC
Je lis beaucoup de livres et je suis tombé sur le votre par hasard "Mad River Road" et j'ai pris une chance. Comme j'ai bien fait! Un des meilleures suspenses que j'ai lu, j'ai été en haleine tout le long, très grand talent! Vous avez un nouveau fan au Québec!!

Longue vie heureuse à vous,

I am currently a grade twelve student in Canada and I started reading your books last year for English class. I love your writing style and your books all together. I haven't read that many because I don't have too much reading time, but after I graduate I will have more time and hope to read more books. I have read "Now You See Her" and "Heartstopper" so far, I am currently reading "Tell Me No Secrets" and when I'm done this one I am going to be starting "Whispers and Lies". You are an amazing author and I hope you never stop writing.

Thank you so much for writing such AMAZING books!!

Best of Luck Writing More,

Ontario Canada

Hi Joy,

You are the best!!!
Dave from Czech republic.

ps:I love you and your books!!!

Thank you!


It's Yasaman from Iran. I just read the Still Life. I am 24 years old and I'm reading your books since I was 16. I love your books. They make me to go on. My life is a story and I am fighting for that. I wanted to say thank you. Because I don't succumb when I read them.



I've read "Puppet", "Charley's Web", "Good Intentions", "The First Time", "Wild Zone" (parts are sooo funny, had me rolling on the floor laughing!), "Life Penalty", "The Deep End", "Don't Cry Now", "Mad River Road", "Now You See Her", "Tell Me No Secrets", "Whispers and Lies", "Grand Avenue", "Still Life", "Lost", "See Jane Run", and I'm finishing "Heartstopper", (which I can't put down)......awesome! And yours which I haven't read yet are sitting on my bookshelf. I am so lucky to have found you! Thank you, Joy!!


Dear Joy,

I just finished reading "Grand Avenue" and just like all of your other books I've read I couldn't put this one down and did not want it to end. I am from Toronto, but am living in Singapore for 4 months. I have been searching for your books here, and to my delight I came across one copy of Still Life. I want to thank you for writing such amazing novels. Please never stop writing!

Julie Martin


In the past I have read several of your books and enjoyed them, however I have had a hard time seeing things from a female perspective. Having said that, I recently read "Still Life" and enjoyed it immensely. In fact, I was hoping that it could go on forever. I just didn't want the story to end. How did you come up with such a novel idea? How can one write a fantastic, exciting book about someone in a coma? It sees to be such a dull, boring subject. As far as I'm concerned, it's your best book yet! I'm waiting for the movie.

Dr. Ray Shugar

Hi Joy,

So first of all, you are my hero! I was never really into reading books and one day I found you and now I'm addicted to reading! I love your books! I have read See Jane Run, Still Life, Charley's Web and Now You See her but my all time favorite is The First Time! That book made me cry so hard. You are an amazing writer and I would love to be like you! I'm only 20 but I would really love to be as talented as you are. You are my inspiration! I was really shocked when I read the ending of "Now You See Her" it was really good! I'm about to start The Wild Zone and then probably The Other Woman. But I've ordered all of your books that I didn't have! I don't speak english so by reading your books my english is getting better! so many thanks to you!! keep writing and you'll be sure that I'll get my copy of your new book!! :)

Hope you have an amazing summer!

Marion xxxx


I am an avid reader who until this month never got the pleasure to reading any of your books. I stumbled upon Still Life where I got goosebumps reading and shared conversations with my husband about your characters actions. I just finished Charley's Web where all I wanted to do was read and find out what happens. I found myself saying "wow" out loud and my heart racing during certain sections of the story. I am now hooked and telling my friends to kindle your novels. Thank you for giving me and millions of others such great stories to read. I am now a big fan and plan on reading many more of your books before the summer is over. The purpose of this email is just to say thank you!!!!!!!!.

Angela Targia

Hi Joy,

WOW...that is all I can say.

Your new book, "Now You See Her" was just out of this world amazing. Every
summer I always looked forward to picking books from Oprah's Book Club
Selections...but now that Oprah is over...I didn't know what I was going to
rely on for choosing my much loved summer reads. Well let me tell you I
certainly "struck Gold" when I happened upon your new book.

I couldn't put this book down and I must tell you that I am actually sad to
be finished reading it. It was absolutely incredible. I have to admit that I
have never read any of your novels, but since reading this most recent one
of yours...I have ordered them all. I am a forever fan now...any book you
publish will be first on my list.

Thank you so much for allowing me to get swept away and taken through such
suspenseful twists and turns.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!!

Kindest regards,
Michelle Brugess

Hi Joy,

I just wanted to say thank you! I get stuck in ruts, only reading the authors that I'm familiar with. Fortunately, you can only read so many book before you run out and have to look for someone new! So, I stumbled upon Still Life. WOW, my new favorite book and now you are my favorite author! I just finished Mad River Road, another amazing book! Looking forward to reading many more of them!

Thank you!!!
Jan Stark

Hi Joy

Well, I have to say that I'm Swiss but I love your english books. In every store you can buy copies form The wild zone, Charley's Web and many others.

My first book I read was Still life. It was also my first book in english. I started reading and from the first two sites it had me... I couldn't stop to read and I was finished in only four days!

I'm searching everywhere for more books of you. Now I'm on the third one... Charley's Web... and I love it! It's fantastic! In only two days I've almost twenty pages to read yet.

Your writing is so amazing I've never read such good books!!! You're a great writer and please never stop writing such good ones!


Hi Joy,

Joy I just wanted to let you know, my mom lent me one of your books, The Wild Zone and I couldn't put it down. Since then I have been a fan of yours since. Your writing style is fantastic I am hooked!! Once I begin one of your books I won't put it down until it's finished. Keep them coming you have a fan in me forever and I will recommend you to all of my friends that are readers without question!!

Corrina Titley

Dear Joy,

The Wild Zone was my first read of your work but it won't be the last. The book really was a page turner. I stayed up nearly all night to find out what happened next. As the sun rose I fell asleep literally in the book. I read the last few pages as soon as I woke up.

Great writing! Thanks for a thoroughly ripping read!


Hello Joy,

I just finished your book See Jane Run in, about, a week. I COULD NOT put it down. your style of writing is amazing!

I wish I could write captivating pieces like you. Your book See Jane Run had so many twists and turns in it I was literally gasping, laughing out loud and tearing up. I cannot wait to see your other novels :)

Chrissy Beling

Hi Joy!

I'm a large fan of yours.

Your writing style is incredible! You develop your characters so well!

I'm currently reading The Wild Zone and I'm hooked. I'm loving it. I'm determined to purchase and read every novel you ever wrote.

Much love from BC, Canada.

Hi Joy,

I read Now You See Her in record time, for me, and I loved it! Hated to put it down to get some sleep. I'm anxious to get more of your books, as I love your style of writing and your humor. Wishing you continued success!

Marcia Richards

Dear Joy,

Hi, Ms. Fielding,

I just finished NOW YOU SEE HER. Wonderful!! I have enjoyed your "page turners" for many years. My all time-favorite is THE OTHER WOMAN. As an English teacher, I want my high school students to both enjoy and to learn from literature. THE OTHER WOMAN was most enjoyable; however, I believe I learned more about self-worth from this novel that from any other that I have ever read. I think about it often. Many thanks for years of reading pleasure!I always look forward to my "Joy" books!

Teri Byrd

Dear Joy,

I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoy your books! My mother bought me my first Joy Fielding book about 3 yrs ago (Grand Avenue) and I've not been able to read another author since. Thank you so much for giving me, my little piece of relaxation. Keep up the great writing.

Sherry Cole

Hi Joy,

I just read Now You See Her! I read it in about 4 hours, I couldn't put it down. The ending was a shock too!!! Once again I am sad because I have read all your books and have to wait!!! I am a frequent visitor to your website so I will be watching for your next book.

Thank you for writing such awesome books, and do you have any idea where I might find some of your older books that are not in the stores now? I am in Canada!


Hello Joy,

I am just taking the time to write to you and say that your books are unbelievable! I have read almost every book, and the ones I haven't read, I can't seem to get a copy of. Kiss Mommy Goodbye was my absolute favourite! I, like many others, want you to write faster because your books are so good we can't put them down. I bought two books a week and read them at lunch at work and was sad when I ran out of books! When I am done with them, I give them to my mom, who reads them even faster than I do! Well, I cannot wait for your new book, Now you see her, to be released!

Thank you for being the best author I have had the pleasure of discovering!
Erin Lintaman
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada


I wanted to thank you for your work, because it is truly amazing. I am a longtime reader of your, admired and every time we read your book, I am sad that there it ends, savoring every line, so it was the longest ... I like your style, humor and tension. Thank you for that much and I wish much success in personal
and professional life.

Michael Rocnakova
Czech Republic

Dear Joy,

I consider myself somewhat of a jaded reader; an ADDICT for reading, actually, and cannot BELIEVE I have not devoured all of your books.

HEARTSTOPPER was a great read for me and now I am looking into ALL of your books. Thanks for adding to my retirement goal of reading all the books I never had time for while teaching. Keep writing. You are SO appreciated.

Barb Morissette
Salina KS

Dear Joy,

I've just devoured The Wild Zone and again could not put it down, like all your other books. My complaint? You need to write faster since I finish your books in a couple of days and then have to wait what seems like endless time til the next one :)

Julia, Edmonton, Canada

To take a quote from Grand Avenue, "Vicki looked up to see a lawyer whose name was either Grace or Joy or Hope or Faith, one of those inspirational filled monikers that almost guaranteed disappointment." I just wanted to let you know your books are a JOY to read and from the first page on they never disappoint! Thanks for hours of enjoyment you've given me over the years!


Hi Joy,

A few 'S' words on this one : STUPENDOUS * SPECTACULAR * STIRRING
* SENSATIONAL * SUPER and another riveting book by YOU.


I have just finished reading Grand Avenue. One of the best books I have ever read. I am going to pass this on to my sister and all of my friends. Fabulous. I usually read a book a week (in between work, gym, housework, yard work etc) This was read in 3 days. I had no idea what was going to happen from one page to the next. I could not put it down. I am heading down to my local book store (Annies Book Swap) to try and find other books written by you.

Carol Claybrook

Dear Joy,

Thank you so much for sharing your unbelievable writing talent with the world. I love reading your books! My favorites are Charley's Web, Still Life, Whispers and Lies, and The Wild Zone. I always look forward to seeing your books on the shelf at my local library. Thanks again for writing such compelling, heart-racing books; they are hard to put down!!


Dear Joy,

Just wanted to let you know that I just finished your book "Heartstopper" and I thought it was terrific. It was the first of your books that I have read and I just picked up "Charley's Web" and I can't wait to start it! You have a wonderful writing style and your book definitely kept my attention, which to me is a great book! I just love discovering a new author who is a good storyteller because I get to read all of their previous books. Thanks for a great read--please keep writing. You have a new fan!

Cathy Thorn

This weekend I read Tell Me No Secrets, and found it so compelling, your characters so well drawn, that when I finished it I went back to the bookstore and picked up Still Life. I'm about 1/2 way through it, and will finish it tonight. I saw this guest comment area and just had to tell you that to imagine what it would be like to be in a coma is an astonishing feat. You have taken us all on a journey of unimaginable circumstance - and made it real. Well done!!

Susan Ellis

Hi Joy,

I was going to a restaurant by myself and grabbed a book from the lunch room table that was up for grabs for something to read. "Still Life" That was at 5:30. At two in the morning I finished it! That is a first for me! I really enjoyed it and you had me hooked from the first page. I am so anxious to read more of your books.

A new fan!

Hi Joy,

I had never read any of your books until recently. Now I can't stop! I started with Mad River Road, then couldn't wait to read another one, so I moved on to Puppet. I am now reading Heartstopper. I just love your writing! I have even put on hold my James Pattersons (love his books) so that I can read more of yours! I am making a list of all of your other books so I can buy them and have them on hand as I finish one! I'm glad I found you!!


Hello Joy,

I just finished reading The Wild Zone. What a great novel!. I simply could not put it down. The books just keep getting better and better. Keep them coming

A loyal fan,
Lorraine Grippo

Dear Joy,

Last year I didn't know your name and you books.

The bookshop in Alkmaar in Holland (The Netherlands) showed a book envelope which took my attention. The name of the book was Still life.

I read it and it hits me. When I read your books I can't take it away from me, I must lay it down otherwise I won't stop reading it!

Many titles of your books I now have been reading and I think you're the best. Big compliments and thank you for being such a great writer.

Greetings from Anita Meulenbeld from Holland.

Dear Joy,

You are my favorite author, hands down. See Jane Run was the first book I read, and I was hooked. Your books are the only ones I buy in hardcover. Whispers and Lies, Grand Avenue, See Jane Run and Charley's Web are my favorites. I love the way you write, with real dialogue, great twists and turns, and a read that is not always predictable. Whispers and Lies was one of the only books, to this day, that totally blew me away. You are a wow Joy. Keep em' coming!

Warm regards,
Patricia Edelman

Dear Joy,

I read all your books ' any of them two are more times.
' you begin and you can never stop ' you couldn't put the book down.

Now I look forward for the new book you write. How long must I wait ?????

Thanks for a lot of exciting hours.

Christina Weber

Dear Joy:

I've never written to an author before. Reading Still Life prompted me to do so now. It was the most amazing thing. The concept of a comatose patient telling the story just blew me away. Just finished it last night. I loved the ending. I believe it is one of your best works. Thank you.

Cindy Benaim

Greetings Ms. Fielding:

I just finished 'still life' and prior to this read 'Charley's Web'. I have only come across your novels recently, as I make use of my local library for my reading material.

I had a hard time putting both books down - phenomenal.

I look forward to reading your other novels.

Thank you,
Simon Schmid


Just wanted you to know that I read Whispers and Lies and absolutely loved it!!! This is the first one of your books I've read and have to admit that I couldn't put it down. As a matter of fact, I read it in one day. I was kept on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Congratulations on a fabulous book. I will be looking for more of your work to read.

Dear Mrs. Joy Fielding


Every other word would be a waste!

I'm sending you so much love from Switzerland...


Hi Joy

You are one of the greatest writers I have come across. I recently started reading your books. Just picked up one from a library...and I was hooked.

It could be because your central characters, like me, are women in their thirties; or more likely, because you have the gift to really bring out the emotions and feelings of the characters.

When I am reading your books, I feel like a character inside them...while reading The First Time, I felt I was getting all the symptoms that Mattie had!!!

While reading Missing Pieces, I felt Kate's fears and frustrations....I loved a line that Kate says in the book - one of her unreasonable fears is that words lose meaning for her!!! I can relate to that...

You are amazing.

Thank you for writing such awesome books, and hoping you never stop writing.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Joy,

I just want to say that you are an incredible author. I recently finished reading Grand Avenue, the first book of yours that I have ever read, and it was amazing. My mom read it and passed it to me, talking about how wonderful it was, and after reading it, I feel the same way. Never has a book made me feel so much a part of the story. It was heartbreaking, happy, funny, sad. Every emotion that each character experienced, I felt too. Both my mom and I cried and cried at the end of the book, as well as during. Thank you for writing your stories for us to enjoy. We are definitely going to be looking for more books of yours to read. I only hope it's easy to come by them. It was by chance that the first one came into our hands but it will be choice that the next ones do. I look forward to reading many more and will recommend your books to everyone.

Brittney Winters

Dear Joy,

I read two or three novels a week but I had to tell you that Still Life was beyond fantastic, I usually take a break or a novel becomes a little boring but you had me turning pages all the way. You are a truly gifted writer.

Raymond R Sharpe

Dear Joy:

About a month ago I wrote to you when I thought I had completed the last of the books you had written and you told me about your latest book: Still Life.

As a now retired journalist/playwright I mentioned how much I admired your creativity and talent - until I read Still Life. Now I think you are a genius of suspense. I have never read a more thrilling, suspenseful mystery novel and I have read hundreds.
What a yarn!!!

I read your book in less than two days so I could quickly pass it on to my wife.

What I wish to communicate is that every book you write is new and different. There is no bleed through that is so common with many other best selling authors (need I mention them). Many authors are formulaic whereas you are creative, creative, creative.

I would kill for your talent but then you would have to write a novel about me.

Best wishes and always looking for more
Mel Novit

I have just finished reading my first book by Joy, Whispers and Lies. It was wonderful. But I have a request to all the people writing in the guestbook. PLEASE DON'T REVEAL STORY LINES of the books and mess up the surprise for the ones of us who haven't read them yet.


Dear Joy,

My Mom and I look forward to every book you write. The book "Still Life Knocked our socks off as did "whispers and Lies" So far no other author has done that. You seem to have the most original ideas and look forward to another. The suspense is terrific and I can not put down the books. You deserve a round of applause. Good luck writing.

Have you ever thought of making a movie out of any of your books? It would seem to be hard because of the thoughts that go into the characters.

Thank you,
Kathleen Mccleary

Dear Joy,

Thank you for sharing your exuberant talent with all of us, that love reading your books. You are an amazing author!

I was not one for reading books... just magazines, but once I started.. I was hooked.
I just finished Don't Cry Now and I am running out tonight to buy more of your books.
I love the twists and turns, and I appreciate how you make your stories unpredictable.

Cindy Grzeskowiak

Have spent a whole day reading Still Life ! Wow, what a thrilling book. Many thanks.

Brenda Smith

I was in the library and happened to see Charley's Web. I read the blurb and thought it sounded interesting. I picked it up and am so glad I did. Your books are hard to put down once I start them.

And yes, I'm looking for more books that you've written.

I think the thing I like the most about your books is the characters. I feel I get to know them. Charley's Web only had one POV but I never felt cheated. The book was engrossing and the pace was fast.

Dear Joy,

I am an avid fan of your books. I have been reading them for many years. I just wanted to let you know that Still Life was one of the best books I have read. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire time. As much as I read, sometimes I pick a book that I just muddle through till the end and think what was the point, but Still Life was a masterpiece. I hope you have more books in the works.

Joyce Fineberg Philadelphia, Pa.

Dear Joy,

I am new to your books but instantly became addicted to them as I have read three of them in a row in almost as many days! I just love how you write and I can hardly put the books down once I start reading one. It seems I can't wait to start your books and then I don't want them to end either.

Wonderful, interesting and thrilling writing that I can't get enough of these days. I live in a small town so I better get my list ready for the library to order more of your books for me. Happy writing!


Ms. Fielding, you have thrilled me with your novels since the first book I read. No novel is the same, as happens with most writers. I can tell you the premise of each book, and a couple I have read twice.

Thank you for all the great reads...

Rhoda Guffey

Dear Joy,

I don't know if you will remember me writing you a few weeks ago and that you responded which was awesome! I just have to write and tell you I have continued my quest to read every one of your books. To date since Charley's Web and Mad River Road I have finished Heartstopper, The Deep End, See Jane Run, and I just finished Whispers and Lies.

But, I have turned more people on to your books. My aunt is hooked as is my best friend. We cannot put them down. I take whichever one I am reading to the pool or wherever I go. Its my hope one day I can meet you. You are my favorite author now - definitely!!! My next two are Missing Pieces and Puppet. I hope the ones that are out of print I can find somewhere. I don't want to miss a single one. I just had to tell you again how you have enriched my life with your books.

Take care,
Barbara Cavallaro

Dear Ms. Fielding:

I have just finished STILL LIFE and I just couldn't put it down. It is by far the best book I've read in a long time. I've already recommended it to my family and friends.

All the Best

Finished reading "Still Life". Loved it and hated to put it down. What a gripping story! You are a gifted writer. Congratulations on this book.

Brigid Krutek


I wrote you last year on Charley's Web and thought it was the best. You never disappoint me, Still life is a million dollar winner! I can't say enough about your books. I'll give you an example, after purchasing your latest book (having read all your books) I reluctantly gave it to my sister to read first as I was traveling. When I asked her how she liked the book I quote: "She grabs you by the throat on page one and doesn't let you go until the last page" I couldn't wait to read the book and just finished. I couldn't put it any more explicit than her quote. I loved it and couldn't put it down. However you do what you do don't stop. This would make a great movie, have you ever been approached?

I could go on and on but I know your busy on your next book, I hope. When can we expect one? I believe I have at least 50 people hooked on your books. I tell them they haven't read a good novel until they have read yours and from that point on they follow the trail and read all your past novels.

I can't put into words how much your are respected for your brilliance.

Joan Hart

Dear Joy,

Your books are all excellent, but the one I can't get out of my mind, is the incredible 'Whispers and Lies,' which read like any book until near the end. It is a Masterpiece, and you are simply an author beyond compare. Even as I write this, I can see the empty cottage out back awaiting the next tenant, since last we heard, the owner was free as a breeze!

Thank you for bringing so much enjoyment into my life.

Jane Vale

Good morning Joy!

It's 3:30 am and I just finished Puppet, my first joy Fielding book. I have to be to work at six, I'm not sure if I can sleep. I can't wait to start reading my next Fielding book. I just had to send a quick note to say thank you. I loved Amanda, the way you take the time to show the strengths and frailties of your characters is awesome. The way your writing flows reminds me of Rosamunde Pilchers' Shell Seekers.

Terry Lindberg
Orlando, Florida


Just to let you know, I am one of your biggest fans. I loved all your books and only have one complaint, you do not write enough books!!! Over the weekend I finished Charley's Web, I could not put it down, great story. The way you wrote about dysfunctional families in this book, just amazing and true.

I cannot wait to read Still Life; please keep the books coming.

Thank you for the many hours of reading pleasure you have provided to me.

Best regards,
Barbara Assir

I just finished your newest book Still Life and I have to say GREAT JOB as always it kept me in suspense and hanging on the whole time. I have read & absolutely love all of your books(minus the older ones not in circulation any more :-( of course) Thank you....


Ms. Fielding,

I have never done this before, but I just have to tell you, I just finished See Jane Run. I couldn't put it down! I have never been so engrossed in a book before. I am a avid reader of mysteries, but because of your character development, I was always trying to figure out what was up with Jane. Even when I wasn't reading the book! And when I finished the book, I was amazed how you never forgot any of the details you provided us, and tied them all together to make sense. I found out about you by reading a review in the people magazine about Still Life, and it intrigued me, so I found your web site and read about your favorite book you wrote. So I started there. While I was reading your book I went out and bought 2 more copies to pass on to my friends, they too are enjoying it as much as I did. I am on my to the bookstore to go find some more of your work.

I want to thank-you for providing me with what I have been looking for and that was a book I did not want to put down.

Julie McGrath

Dear Joy

I am a South African living and working in Korea and was beside myself with excitement when I found a small English bookshop in Seoul that sold your books. As you have been my favourite author for years, I immediately bought a copy of all the books they stocked: Heartstopper, Mad River Road, Puppet and Lost. Needless to say, I finished them within a few weeks (I find that when I start reading your books, I cannot put them down until I am finished) and I am desperately trying to get my mother to post me more, preferably "Still Life", which is now the only book I have not read..

I look forward to reading many more of your novels in the future. You really are a superb writer.

All the best
Kirsten Spangenberg

Hi Joy

Just wanted you to know that you are my all time favourite author. Please, Please don't ever give up writing. I have been a fan for 16 years and have got all your books apart from Trance and The Transformation, which I am desperately trying to buy. I have just ordered Still Life today from The Book Depository, as I am in NZ, it doesn't come out till later on in the year, which I cannot wait that long.

Thank you for sharing your books with all your fans.

Kind regards

I am reading my first "Joy Fielding" work and I love it. It is Missing Pieces. You have written exactly how I feel in the first part of this book. I've never known how to express what I was feeling as I am getting older but this book says it exactly. I am turning each page excitedly ' waiting for another moment of wonder at how you describe feelings. I'm enjoying the book very much and hope it turns out as well as I expect but regardless, I have enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to reading many more.

Deborah L. Lawrence

I just finished listening to the audiobook of Still Life and I was totally captivated. I thought it was a wonderful book and the story drew me totally in. I think that it was even better in audio because you could hear inflections in Casey's voice and it made it even more compelling and had the characters stand out so much.

I am recommending it to everyone!

Thanks for a great book.


Dear Joy,

I have been a fan of yours for years, maybe 15? I have read every book you have written, and buy the new book the day it goes on sale. Still Life was fantastic. I have even tracked down your 3 "first books" and they were very good also. See Jane Run and Kiss Mommy Goodbye are probably my all time favorites. I will continue to follow your web site and see when your new books are published so that I can be first in line to buy it!

New Jersey


I have never read a book of yours that I didn't LOVE! You are by far my favorite author. Please, don't ever stop writing.

Best regards,


I have always loved your books and was so excited when your new one 'Still Life' came out. I LOVED it!!!!! I read it in 2 days. Thanks so much for giving us avid readers what we need.

Jen Monastra

Hi Joy,

I must tell you that you are my favorite author. I have just finished "Still Life". I live in the Philadelphia area and it was great reading about familiar places. I read it in one sitting. "See Jane Run" is another one of my favorites. I hope you never stop writing. You are certainly awesome!


Dear Ms. Fielding,

I had never read one of your books until I picked up a paperback copy of "Charley's Web." It looked like an interesting read, and was it ever. I loved it. It had it all: a love story, a murder mystery, and a thriller, all rolled into one. And what a page-turner
it was.

I commend you on one of the best books I have ever read.

A new fan,
Charles Fulk

Hi Joy,

I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed ALL your books over the years. I just finished reading Still Life, which I might add took me only 2 days, and I loved it. I could not put it down. I live in Philadelphia so it was very neat to be reading about places where I live.

Just wanted to thank you again for ALL the books you've written over the years and I look forward to any upcoming new ones in the future.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Stephanie Krieger

Dear Ms.Fielding:

Though it's not your latest book, I have just purchased and read "Charley's Web".

I LOVED IT!!! You are a fabulous writer, and boy---do you ever bring your characters to life. I know I'm only one of probably millions who read your books, but I had to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this novel, and that I can hardly wait to read "Still Life".

Warmest Regards,



As usual, couldn't put the book (Still Life) done til finished. I have loved ALL your books, especially "Whispers and Lies," "See Jan Run," oh well, all of them!!!

Another of my favorites was "Mad River Road."

I love the surprises in your books, such as this one, and was mesmerized at the sudden murder in "Whispers and Lies."

I hope you never quit writing, because I can hardly wait until your next book.

Would love someday to have an autographed copy of any of them.

Thank you so much for being a terrific writer!

You are really my favorite writer of all time.


Dear Joy,

I have just finished reading 'Grand Avenue' and was amazed by your writing. I think it is the second book from you I read and believe me, not the last... It is one of the best books I have read in quite a long time! Will you come to Montr'al some time for the book show (Salon du Livre) in November? You make me so proud to be Canadian... :-) Please kindly excuse any mistakes I may have made in the writing, as French is my maternal language... Keep up your amazing, excellent and fantastic writing!


I just want to let you know that you're a awesome writer you catch the person right away and you keep them on their toes many a nights I have woke up to your reading and I have enjoyed everyone that I read I have a few more to read but I just finished whispers and lies I switch with my mom we are both book worms always looking for good reading anyways thanks again keep up the good work Joy I will look forward to the next.


Dear Joy,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your books. You are a treasure. I have read almost every book you have written. After reading your books I pass them to my daughter who is a huge fan also. Each time I go to the book store I pick up 2 of your books. I can't put them down once I start reading them. Thank you so much .

Dawn Krisatis
Acton, California

Hello Joy,

I have read several of your books over the past 5 or 6 years; each one has been a page-turner that I finished quickly. I am chair of a local writing group (Beachburg, Ontario, Canada) and we all know the importance of reading/writing connection. I have recommended your books. I am retired now and have more time for enjoying reading/writing. I love to read in bed; the joke in this last week has been "Heather is going to bed with "the other woman"!

What a wonderful, captivating, thought-provoking story! Thank you so much.

Heather Campbell

WHEW! Just finished STILL LIFE, Joy Fielding, which I began last night. Got very little accomplished today, other than finishing the book. Could not put it down. Don't know whether I'd call it her best, but it ranks way up there; so full of suspense, at least IMHO, that I could not put it down. Good night, all!

Mary Kay

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your novels, unfortunately I'm having a difficult time getting a hold of the older ones, I was surprised and extremely pleased to see you on BT this morning. I'm so happy there is a new novel out and am praying there are many more.

Hands down you are my favourite author. Being immersed in one of your books is true happiness for me. Keep them coming !!!!

Lynn Simpson

Hi Mrs. Fielding,

I am Sandhya Mohanasundaram (23). I am from India. This is my first letter to an author of a book I read. I am fond of books, but I don't know how much. Just like I don't know what I am. Just like how I don't know what I like and what I dislike. Living in a world of compromise and pretence, I am not sure of what I am. I hope you will find time to read this message from me. I am hoping to keep it short.

I just wanted you to know that your book has not just sinked in me but also that I could justify for 'talking to yourself', 'thinking about stuff that happened years back still breaks your head' and 'your memories shape what you are today' are all not just happening only to me. It is happening to the Joy Fielding fictional characters as well. I am not alone in this. I have simply adored your narration style. The narration of not just saying people are moving around, but saying the stuff that goes inside their head. It is just awesome. The right dressing to the best lettuce!!

Dear Joy,

Just finished See Jane Run, all I can say is WOW. Once I started I could not put it down, housework, cooking, shopping and any thing else had to wait till I finished the book. Off to the book store to get another one of you books.

Thank you

Hello Joy.

I live in France (Paris). I like your work. The first book I read was 13 years ago ' qu'est ce qui fait courrir Jane '. Then, now, I read all your books and when I visit Virgin, France-Loisirs or Fnac stores, I hope to find a new one.

It is always a real pleasure to read you. Thanks for that. I enjoy visiting your website!
' And very sorry for my very bad English.

Alors, en fran'ais pour finir, je voulais vous dire qu'ici aussi on vous aime !

Best Regards

Dear Mrs. Fielding,

My name is Tammy. I'm 24. I just got finish reading your book called The First Time. I enjoy every bit of it. The funny thing is that I was never really into reading. Everytime when I try to read a book, I tend to get sleepy or give up and do something else.

I'm a cosmetologist. One day at work, somebody came in the salon and did her nails and toes but left your book behind. Therefore, my employee thought he gave it to me to read till she comes back and return it to her. As usually, when there's no client, I would look for magazines or talk on my cell or be texting. But this time, it was different. I start reading your book and was glue to it. It was all I think of doing at work because it kept me on my feet. When there are customers, I would have to stop and wonder what's next in the book. Unfortunately, the lady never came back, so finder's keeper, and loser weeper.

Your book has change me mentally and physically. It made me appreciate life more and the people around me. I cried throughout the book. Too bad it had to end in the way it end. I was hoping for a happy ending. Some kind of miracle for Mattie (Martha) and her family.

I never thought reading can be so much fun and exciting. I must admit it's better then watching a movie. Reading your book has worth the time for me at work.

You are such a great writer. So good at what you do! I'm telling my boyfriend to read this book while I move on to your next one. Thank you for you in writing to reach people all over the world, just like me.:0) God bless you and your love ones...


Dear Mrs. Fielding,

I don't think in the 7 years I've been married, my husband has seen me complete an entire book. Up until now that is. I first read Lost and now I'm almost to the end of See Jane Run. Never in my life have I thought to write an author of a book. I just had to introduce myself as your newest fan.

Thank you for your work. I will never turn the television on again!


Ms. Fielding,

I am a new fan of yours. I have only read 2 books, Heartstopper and Mad River Road, but these two were incredible. I just ordered Don't Cry Now and See Jane Run and I can't wait until they get here. I will keep reading your books now until I have caught up with all you have in print.

Keep putting out these exciting novels... can't wait to read them all.

Kandis Snaith, Honey Brook, Pa.

Hi Joy,

My name is also Joy... it is a hard name to live up to.... hard to ever feel sad or depressed, isn't it?

I just finished listening to Mad River Road on CD. I get books on CD at the library and ONLY listen to them as I am walking down the road. I find that each tape takes me about an hour or 3 miles to finish. I have done this for several years and have taken and kept off 100 pounds in the process. I won't let myself listen to the books unless I am walking.

Just wanted you to know, I loved walking while listening to your book. I couldn't wait to hear what was going to happen to Lili and all the characters on the Mad River Road.

Thanks for inspiring me to keep my feet and health in gear.

Love and Respect to you.
Joy Handschke

Hello Joy,

All I can say is, I love your books. Books in which you must not think, but can drift in a never-ending story. This feeling to start and never want to end. Whether for 5 minutes or 10 hours. It is great. Thank you very much for these gifts.

All the Best!
Peggy from Germany

Dear Joy,

Wow, just started reading Heartstopper, and let me tell is! Whenever I see on of your books that I haven't read (not too many left), I can't wait to dive in and enjoy. You are my favorite author. I must say that with a name like "Joy" and appearing to be such a sweet lady, I am puzzled as to how you come up with all these wonderfully deviant characters.

A loyal fan,
Nancy Valla

Dear Joy

I've never written to an author before, but after reading Charley's Web, I really wanted to contact you. The book was a hell of a read- I literally couldn't put it down. The twists and turns were fantastic! The combination of suspense, sex, and excitement was absolutely mesmerizing. I'm a police officer, and I sometimes put off by crime novels, but this was fantastic! I was completely fooled as to the identity of the "villain", and can't wait to red your other books, and look forward to your next effort. I liked your jacket photo- really easy on the eyes! Thanks for the entertainment!

John McKillop

Hello Joy

I have to tell you that I am I fairly new reader, but I love your books . I have just finished reading See Jane Run I loved it best I have read yet, keep on writing your great.

Cindy Deyarmond

Dear Joy

I just finished Heartstopper, wow what a good read and the ending is such a surprise. I never thought for one moment it would end that way. You are by far one of the best authors I've had the good fortune to read and I can't wait for the next novel to hit the shelves. My favorite book so far, although all are so well written, is The First Time. I shed more tears in that one book that there were times I just had to put it down. It's a book I'll definitely keep and reread. Thank you, your talent is immeasurable.


Dear Joy,

My daughter just gave me Heartstopper for my birthday and let me tell you I started reading and could not put it down. My God, your characters are so real that I can relate them with some people I have known. Your use of words and descriptive situations are really amazing. I look forward to reading all of your books.

My sincerest congratulations on your writing, you are tops among suspense and thriller writers.

Ixora Corral
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dear Joy,

You have been my favorite author for years. I couldn't tell you how many times I have recommended your books to people.

I just finished Heartstopper over the weekend. Not able to put it down! I have always considered The Deep End to be my favorite, but now, I'm not sure!

Thank you for another excellent book.

Elyce Ford

Hello Mrs. Fielding,

Every time I read one of your newest books I always say: Well, this was really the best of all!!!

I can not wait for the German translation of your books and so I go to our book store 'Hugendubel' in Munich and ask a few times a year, if there is something new in coming.

Thanks for those lovely, exiting books. I always take them with me on holidays, so I have plenty of time to read them, because it is really hard to read half of the night and be going to work on the next day.

Please go on writing for the next 50 years at least.

Kind regards and all the best for you,
Susan H'sl

Hello Joy,

I was recently introduced to your novels by a very good friend of mine, and I am truely thankful to her, and to you for the fine books you write. You really are an artist! I am one of your biggest fans I'm sure! Can't wait to read your latest, "Heart Stopper".

Yours in loyalty
Jennifer Pembroke
Ontario, Canada

Dear Joy,

I'm reading your book, in the Netherlands is the name of the book, "Fatale schoonheid''. Good translated in our language.

Gratulations with this fantastic book!

Han Nieuwmans

Hello Joy,

I have just finished the book "Don't Cry Now", and though it is the very first of your books that I've read, it certainly won't be the last !

You are an extraordinarily gifted writer, and I am your newest fan ! I am eager to read all of your other books, and will be looking for them to get started. It appears I have a lot of catching up to do !

Please keep writing... you are truly a fine writer.

Kind regards,
Wendy Noble
Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi Joy,

Just finished Mad River Road. Couldn't put it down!! Wow and Thanks!

Elsa Peterson
Victoria, B.C.

Hi Joy,

When I finished to read your last book I saw the importance you give to the messages you receive, so I'm really proud today to send you this one, in my own English.

I just want to tell you that your talent is incredible, I don't have enough rich vocabulary in English to say how involved I feel when I read your words.

You hold me from the beginning of the novel to make me then fall over splendidly towards an end which I expect least.

I read several novels of you, in order of reading:

All were amazing of suspense and surprise. There's always a little detail at one moment which make me say "Oh God, I would never believe this !"

I buy all your new novels with eyes closed because I know it will be a pleasure to read you at any time.

I always look on several websites in order to buy your first novels, I want to read them all !

Now I really would like to thank you for all the great moments you give me when I open an read your books.

Don't ever let say that you are not a good author, you shine among the stars of the contemporary literature.

Hope that my English wasn't so bad to understand, it was really important for me to send you this message. My eulogies would have been multiplied in French !


Dear Joy Fielding,

I have not had time for leisure reading in a while- my daughter was away at camp for 2 weeks and I picked up your books from the library- Puppet and Grand Avenue. I had read See Jane Run a while ago and knew that I loved your writing. Needless to say, I was totally mesmerized reading both books- it was a marathon session - non stop through the night, until I finished the 2 books in 2 days. God, I loved reading them. You draw the reader into the books and I felt like my life was on hold - all I wanted to do was keep reading to find out what happens next. Just writing to let you know that you are such a brilliant writer. I can't wait to get a hold of your new book and read it!

Thank you ,
Shanti Krishnan, USA.

Hello Joy,

I have been reading your books for some years now, starting in Majorca where I picked up Kiss Mommy Goodbye. I enjoyed it so much that I started reading others by you. It still remains my favourite, along with See Jane Run.

I have just finished Mad River Road, which I read in 2 days and enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the twist at the end. Please keep writing!


Dear Joy,

I recently read Mad River Road and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for such an enjoyable read! It left me wondering how I had managed not to hear about you until I was given the book to read! After reading just that book, I believe you deserve to be among the authors making the big headlines, such as James Patterson. Mad River Road is an expertly crafted story. The end truly surprised me. I knew then that I would start a quest to read everything you have written.

Thank you,

Dear Ms. Fielding,

I have read every book you have written since Kiss Mommy Goodbye and I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic writer I think you are. Each book seems better than the last, although they are all so good. I just finished Heartstopper, which I literally read in one sitting...I could not put it down. I read a lot and pride myself on usually figuring out who the "villain" is but you really surprised me in this book and that thrilled me! As always, I look forward to your next novel.

Santa Clara, CA

Hello Mrs. Fielding

I wanted to tell you I enjoy your books so much. I recently read Heartstopper. MY OH MY... I LOVED LOVED LOVED that book of yours. That is the best book I have read in a long time. I had an aunt reading it at the same time as me. We would talk about the book every time we spoke. We both are still not over how it ended. I mean that in a great way. It caught me off guard who the killer was. And that is great. Thanks so much for this book. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I had guessed everyone but the killer in the book. Thanks for such a suspenseful and awesome book! I am sorry to ramble, but I just had to let you know you are a great author and write wonderful books. I look forward to them coming out.

From a Fan
Belinda Caudill

Dear Joy Fielding,

I never write to any authors or celebrities, but I have to write to you. Your "Whispers and Lies" shocked me so much that I can't help telling everybody about it! It is the best suspense novel I have ever read! Not only it is suspenseful, but it is profoundly meaningful. It reveals a psychological truth about the distorted family relationship. And I also enjoy your writing style. It creates such a blue and beautiful mood from the beginning to the end.

Of course, "See Jane Run" is another one of my favorite. I will read more of your books. Oh I can't wait to read "Heartstopper".

Mei He
North Carolina, USA

Dear Ms. Fielding

I have never before written to an author, but I have to do it this time. I purchased a copy of Grand Avenue (the first book I have read by you). The book is by my bed and some nights I wake up and read some more. It has been a long long time since I couldn't wait to get back to a book!

Today I went to your web site and when I leave the office today I'm heading for my local Borders Book Store to get another Fielding book. Thank you for telling a tale that was able to hold my interest without skip reading.

From now on a devoted fan,
Anne Hummel

Hi Joy,

Just finished Mad River Road. COULD NOT put it down. LOVED IT and am now telling all my reading friends that it is a must read.....and of course buying your other books. HA!


I have to admit I am not much of a reader. I have never really enjoyed sitting down and reading a book or maybe it is because I never made the time.

A friend of mine gave me a copy of Grand Ave. and told me it was a must read. She was right. Since then I have not only read Grand Ave. but Lost, Whispers and Lies, Missing Pieces, Don't cry now, Life Penalty, Kiss mommy Goodbye and currently reading See Jane Run. I can't stop reading them. My husband told me that I seem to be more into your books then I am him. OOPS!!! Just wanted to say I am a huge fan and I will not spot until I have read all your books!!!

Thank you,
Robyn Cate

Dear Joy

Sorry, my English is no good! Many thanks for the very, very great Book "Whispers and Lies"! This Book is for me a Masterpiece!!

All the Best Wishes from Basel, Switzerland

I read See Jane Run many years ago and I was hooked, I have read and collected every book you have written and each one has been as captivating as the first. You are truly talented at what you create. I am always eagerly awaiting your new book to hit the shelves. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Crissy Stephens,
Nanaimo BC

Dear Joy,

I just finished reading Mad River Road and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. It kept me on the edge of my chair the whole time. I have read several of your other books and think you are one of the best authors around. I will continue to look for your books I haven't yet read until I finish every one. Keep up the great work. You are the best.

Carol Driggers

Dear Joy,

I have read several of your books and I just love your writing. You are just wonderful. I can't or should I say want to put the books down, when I start reading. I'm so hooked and want to read every one. You are very talented!!


Dear Joy,

I only want to thank you for your amazing books! The first book that I have read was "See Jane Run" - and I loved it! My mother was right, when she told me that you are an great author. THANK YOU for every minute that you enjoyed me reading your books!

Keep on writing!!

Best wishes,
Dominique Gu'mag
Hanover, Germany

Hello Joy,

My name is Jacqueline and I'm from Germany.

I just want to say you, that you are a absolutely great writer and I love your stories and books so much. Please go on :o)

Best greets

Dear Joy,

When I find a book that I love, I read everything I can find that that author has written. It happened with my first book of yours, "Grand Avenue". Since then, I have read everything that you have written. I think I like them so much because I can never figure out how they are going to end. You capture me with your first paragraph and won't let me go until the last page. You're awesome! Thank you so much for never disappointing me. Every time I think they (your books) can't get any better, I read another! Am waiting with anticipation for your next!


I have read every book of yours!!! And enjoyed every one. My favorite and first one was See Jane Run. When I was finished, I was hooked. I thank you for your very talented work, and look forward to each new adventure.....

Shawna Craig
Kelowna B.C.

I have never taken the time to write to an author before. I have just (this minute!) finished reading The Deep End and I wanted to thank you for writing such a great story. Your characters are so compelling and believable! You can relate to the main character, Joanne, she is one gutsy lady. I can't wait to get to the store and buy another one of your books. I own and operate my own business and it tends to be very stressful so my "escape" is a good book. So, keep writing!!

Thanks again.
from Nova Scotia, Canada

Less than six weeks ago I was given a copy of Whispers and Lies. Since that time I have read seven of your other books, and plan to read every one you have written. At last ' truly enjoyable reading! Keep up the good work!


I have read lots of your books, and just read an older book, Kiss Mommy Goodbye. It was one of the best, which is unusual for an early book, I was not expecting that. You are a great writer... I have enjoyed them all... Please write more!!


Hello, I recently picked up a copy of "Lost" at the library solely because it had a mystery sticker on the spine and I was up to date on all my usual suspense writers. I LOVED it although I'm not sure it should be listed as a mystery. It was much more of a study of family relationships and how losing someone can cause finding yourself. In general of late, I've been more into entertainment than thought provoking literature but I surprised myself by picking up 'Grand Avenue" on my next trip to the library. It was incredible and every bit as much a page-turner as the best whodunit'. I'm hooked and have moved on to "Whispers and Lies".

I'm so glad I found you!

Hello Joy!

I just picked up a copy of your book; Missing Pieces today. I have to admit at the end of the first chapter, I was amazed at how well you write. YOU are my new favorite author! thanks so much. Wish you all the best, and keep writing!


Well, have just read back to back, non stop Lost and Puppet. Geez your good. You're really a very different writer. I just feel your writing is very, very real. I also learn things from your books, about life defining moments, and you have a little humor going on too. I am going to buy what ever else I can find, ( I'm talking hard cover). How can I turn this into a career!

Lisa Williams
Sleepless in Seattle.

I have read every one of your books and have reread them. Unlike many authors your books continue to get better. How many times have I found a good author her first book then they go downhill, they just put pen to paper to make the money. Your books just continue to get better and better. Many thank you's for giving me pleasure. Can't wait to read Puppet again.

Doris Hirtz


I have read pretty much every book you have written, and I love your style. I have to say, though, that so far "Puppet" is the best of all! I am about half-way through it, and enjoying every minute. Thank you for writing books that I can totally get lost in!


Dear Joy,

I have just finished for the second time your book The First Time. It is the most beautiful book I have read. I will keep this book always and read it again.

Thank You,

Dear Joy,

This is the first time I have actually written to any authors whose book I've read.

I feel utterly compelled to write to you on behalf of your wonderful book THE FIRST TIME. Seldom had I encountered a book with so much emotion and depth. I have read it countless times over and over. I astound myself as to how I seem to always find something fresh in this book every time I read it.

Thank you for opening peoples eyes to this particular storyline. and forevermore thank you for pulling at the heartstrings of all your readers including mine.

I have since purchased your titles and enjoy them but the first time is sad, poignant, and precious.

I hope you enjoy this email and if time allows maybe you can respond.

Fay W.

Dear Joy,

I live in Holland. I speak Dutch, so my message could have a few mistakes in it. I also like your books, as many of these people. In your stories it's not just about the suspense you get, but you really get to 'know' the characters. I think that's one of the many little things that make your books run so well. I like you've got your biography on this site, although I do miss a few facts there (where and in what year you were born and that kind of stuff). However, I like your site a lot. Thank you for the link to that interviews. ( It helped me a lot with writing a biography about you (for my education). That's all I wanted to say.

Yours sincerely,
Erika from Holland

Dear Joy,

You are my new favorite author! I recently read Puppet, and could not put it down! I since have read Lost, Missing Pieces and I am just about to finish Grand Avenue (I really do not like Tony).

Your characters are real and the story lines are great! Extremely easy reading. Thanks so much!!!

Have a wonderful day....


Dear Joy,

I have just finished reading "See Jane Run" and I am almost at a loss for words! It has too be the most mind-numbing, terrifying and anxiety provoking novel I have read to date. I couldn't put it down! Read it straight through. I have read almost all your other novels, but "See Jane Run" is definitely your gold standard.

Thanks for a good read,

Julie Reid
Kingston, ON CANADA

Dear Joy,

You are my favorite author. I love to escape to my favorite cozy chair with a one of your books. I also have listened on audio tape in the car. I am just finishing Don't Cry Now and have Puppet to read. You are my absolute favorite. What I love best is continual suspense, few characters and not a lot of bad language. Your books are easy to read and very enjoyable. Thank you.


Dear Ms. Fielding,

I was finally able to get my hands on the last book I needed to complete my Joy Fielding collection (The Other Woman). I'm so excited! You are by far my favorite author. I find it almost impossible to stop reading until the end once I've started one of your books. You have an amazing gift for writing. Thank you so much for sharing it with me and all your other fans!

Nicole M., Ohio

Hi Ms Fielding

I'm from Germany, Bavaria, and I finished today your roman "Whispers and lies". It was the greatest book I've ever read! I was so enthusiastic about it that I had to search for a web-address to tell you. It was incredible! Thank you very much.


Dear Joy,

I just finished your new book Puppet. In my opinion, it was your best. I loved all your books. I love your characters. They are so real. Your stories are so engrossing. I usually have to keep reading until I finish - most of them in a night or two.

Thank you for all your books.
Walnut Creek, CA

Recipe for a wonderful weekend:

New Joy Fielding book Puppet
Subzero weather
Flannel PJs
Hot cocoa
3 cuddly dogs
Soft afghan

Blend thoroughly. Marinate two days. Results in bliss for 48 hours.

Lisa Herald

Dear Ms Fielding,
Just finish reading Puppet and you have delivered a well written astonishing novel. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Joy Torres

Hi Joy,

I enjoy reading your books. As a matter of fact I'm in chapter nine of "Missing Pieces". I'm quite young, only 13. I enjoy reading mystery-type books and when I saw this book I just knew I had to get it. I hope you never quit writing because you have quite the talent. From your fan ...

Vicki. B

Dear Joy

I have read and enjoyed everyone of your books, as has my sister, Bunny. It is amazing to weave through the web of conspiracies and be taken entirely into the world of the hero of each book. Your books have the power to bring the color, the weather and even the smells into the hours of reading. Thank you - Thank you.

Your faithful reader,
Nadine Loescher, Quesnel, BC.

You did it again--gave me a wonderful book to read. I so thoroughly enjoyed this book and the ending took my breath away. Absolutely loved the characters, Amanda, Ben, and Gwen and the story line was new and refreshing.
Thanks again.

Bess Berkowitz
Boca Raton,Fl

Dear Joy:

I want to say how much I really enjoy your books. I have read almost all of them,
(two more to go ), and have to tell you that when I'm reading these books, I go into another world. I have a busy hectic day at work so when I go home at night, after supper, I really enjoy my " down time " when I read your novel... The characters are down to earth people, that anyone can equalize themselves with. Great Job... Keep Writing...

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Hello Ms. Fielding,

My name is Amanda, and I just read your book, Don't Cry Now. I loved it!! It was the best book I've read in a very long time. I am definitely looking at all your other books, and can't wait to read them!!

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you I enjoyed your story, and am off to find more works by my new favorite author...

Ontario, Canada

Hi Joy,

I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with your writing. The thing that I like most about your books is that they are sooo easy to read compared to most well known authors out there. The only problem with that is that I go through your books so quickly. It normally takes me a week to read a novel although when I start one of yours I can be assured that within that same day I will have finished. The best gift that anyone could give me would be one of your novels, but unfortunately I am running out of books left that I haven't read. Please keep up the fascinating job and keep the books coming.

Nova Scotia

...just completed your book, Whispers and fascinating, riveting and compelling...........couldn't put it down.........haven't read like this in a very long currently in a book club consisting of teachers........this book was our recommended reading for happy to have been introduced to you......will eagerly look forward to reading the rest of your books..........
Terry Painter's character is very creepy.........


Dear Ms. Fielding, Your books are fantastic! Once I start reading I can't put them down. You have a wonderful gift and I thank you. I just received "Missing Pieces" and plan to get started after this email. My Husband knows that you are my favorite author and surprises me constantly with a new novel. I can't wait to buy "See Jane Run" .
Again thank you and keep writing.


Dear Joy

I'm a 20 year old girl from Germany. I Just want to thank you for your books- I love everyone of them. I bought every book. Yesterday I finished the book "Whispers and lies" and it was very exciting. I'm waiting impatient for your new book.

All the best wishes,
Jessica Hennig
D'sseldorf, Germany

Dear Joy:

I am in the middle of your new book "Puppet". As usual, I have read all your books, I love it and don't want it to end. Although I haven't finished "Puppet" I am already looking forward to your new one. Bring it on!!!

When I saw "Puppet " on the shelf I whipped it off so fast. I was so excited.

You are one great writer. Thank you so much.

Judie A. Sager
Hollywood, Florida

Dear Ms. Fielding,

I have never written to a writer or a celebrity in my life, but I just finished "Lost" - which I read in three days riding the train home from work, plus one lunch period! The story left me panting for more every inch of the way - it was so real. I have always been a huge fan of your books, but this was just the BEST!!! So many surprises along the way...

Your talent is a blessing to all of us who read your wonderful books - thank you so much for sharing them with us!

I look forward to reading "Puppet". Happy New Year!

Colleen Berry
La Verne, CA

Hey Joy!

I just wanted to say thank you for all your incredible books!

You have made me a true 'Book Worm'!

I am in the middle of 'Missing Pieces', and it is just wonderful, I just love the character Jo Lynn, she is just hilarious! The way you describe her outfits and personality, makes me want to think of her like one of those 'Cougars' like Pamela Anderson!

Whisper and Lies, I have to say is one of my favorite books I have read... brilliant job on that.

I can't wait to purchase yet another 'Joy Fielding' book, they are all such 'Page Turners' that I am never putting them down!

Thank you dearly, and God Bless you and your family!

Stephanie Y.

PS. When are you going to be signing out in Vancouver, BC?

Dear Joy,

What a great book! Couldn't put it down. Have enjoyed many of your books. Keep writing.

Best wishes,
Nancy Werner


I have read every book and can never wait till the next one comes out!!! Keep up all the excellent writing for all us FANS!!


Dear Joy,

Just wanted to let you know I read your book "Lost", in a Dutch translation, I must confess, but still... a magnificent book ! You have a way of describing what goes on in a mother's mind, unbelievable ! I could relate, from the first page to the last.

It was such stunning and marvelous reading, that I am now searching Amazon feverishly, in order to get ALL your books and start reading them all, in English this time.

Congratulations, you really have a gift. Keep writing, numerous readers are panting for more...

Hilde Van Eeckhout

Dear Joy,

I only want to thank you for all the fun I have with reading your books! I like them so much since many many years, although I'm still 19 years old. I collect your books... I have all of them! I hope, that you will write many more! Have fun and bless.

Nice greetings from Munich in Germany

Veronika Pichler

Dear Ms. Fielding,

The first time I bought one of your books was in Germany. I didn't speak a word of German and desperately wanted something to read. You got me hooked. 2 days later, I went back to the same shop and bought my other 4 books. The First Time is your 5th book in my collection. I just love the way you write. After 4.5 hrs of constant reading I have just finished the book and thought I would let you know how much I loved it. I had to bribe my kids to keep quiet. Please continue writing such wonderful books.

Wishing you all the best from hot Bahrain
Neisha Gocht

Dear Joy,

I was recently introduced to you through "Grand Avenue", a very good read. I've since read "Lost", which stirred an anger in me, never before felt from reading fiction! I've just finished "The First Time" and cried my eyes out. Your characters are so real, their conversations so real - real enough that they are unpredictable and very interesting. I look forward to working my way through your other novels.

Kind regards,
Oshawa, Ontario

Hello Joy,

I read all your books. They are the best, I have ever read. The feeling is like a magnet. You must read read read. You want to know, how the story will be ending, but you don't want really finish, if you get the end of the story.

My English is not so good, because I had only school English, excuse me.

Please write another books, because I don't have some anymore. I want to read again. I don't know another good book writer as you.

Thank You, respectfully,
Birgit (Germany)


I have NEVER read anything like "Missing Pieces" before in my 30 years. I'm going to find every book you've ever written and lock my self away with a big cup of tea and a few scones. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

From Monica in Glasgow, Scotland

I was introduced to your novels approximately two months ago, and ever since then I have not been able to read much of anything else! So far I have read See Jane Run, Whispers and Lies, The Other Woman, Life Penalty, Don't Cry Now, and The First Time. All of these books were absolutely amazing, especially See Jane Run, what an ending! I'm currently looking for more of your books as I intend to read them all! I look forward to seeing more from you in the future. Keep up the excellent work.

Ashley Chartrand, age 18
Ottawa, Ontario

I just finished reading Don't Cry Now - I couldn't put it down!! When I was done, I noticed that my family had moved.....(kidding) You are amazing, all of your books are page turners, thank you so much for sharing your gift with us!!! The only thing that upsets me about reading one of your books, is when I have to finish it!!!

Judy Perron
Porcupine, Ontario

Good morning Joy from sunny Scotland,

On a recent holiday in Rhodes, my wife and I were searching for a good book, as she is a keen reader. On looking through the various shops, I stumbled across your book, "Whispers and Lies".

After reading the summary, I thought that this was just the type of book that my wife Mary would enjoy. Well, we had a great holiday, but I kept wondering why my wife was keen for me to nip out to the shops, or to have an afternoon siesta, until I discovered the reason...your book.

Once she started reading it, she just couldn't put it down, and after she'd finished, part of our holiday had now became a mission to find another "Joy Fielding" book to quench her appetite, while I was just searching for a beer to quench mine.

We have looked locally for stockists of your books, but as yet to no avail, unless we pick them up on the net, but this weekend, we're off on a more in-depth search of our bookshops, to track you down.

Whispers & Lies has now been passed to our daughter, and she finished it last night, and she loved it too.

Keep up the good work and best regards,
Gordon & Mary McQueen

After 34 years of avid reading, I finally found your books!!! I can honestly tell you that I have read each and every one of them, and they were all fabulous. The only problem is that I read them in 1 or 2 days - they don't last long enough. You are a wonderful author with captivating stories. Please keep them coming!!!!

I just finished Whispers and Lies. As an author and a former mental health counselor, I am rarely taken by surprise if the author of a novel or screenplay holds true to character, especially in regards to motivation and personality theory. You painted one character profile, then slammed the reader with another. And yet, each puzzle piece had been laid in place and the shift in character rang true with startling clarity. Well done!

Dear Joy,

I am from Germany and have found your Homepage when I have looked for your books. My English is not so good, because I had only English in school, but I don't like it so much.

I only want to say, that before I have read your books, I had never read any books. I was too lazy and I haven't any interest in books. Suddenly I read See Jane Run (lauf jane lauf ) and at this moment I fell in love with your books.

You write the best books I have ever seen.

Katrin Holzinger ( 17 years, Germany )

I just wanted to let you know that I truly LOVE every book you have written. I have read everyone of them except the first 2 you came out with. I can't wait until you write another one (I've already read Lost). Just wanna to say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Thank you
Joyce Powell

Dear Joy,

I have been a fan of your books for many years. I always look forward to seeing a new one come out. I will always buy your books because I know that I will enjoy them, and want to read them over and over. There are only a few authors I can say that about. I just purchased Lost this past weekend, and am trying hard not to finish it too fast. It is so good, however, that I am sure I will finish it today. I stayed up much too late last night reading it.

I usually don't buy hardcover books too often, preferring to save the money and find them at my library, but I always buy yours, since I know I will read them again and again. Thank you for sharing your writing talent with the world.

Chris Jenkins


My niece introduced me to your books a few weeks ago. I was skeptical at first because I read primarily non fiction books. However she persuaded me to give them a try and after the first one I was hooked. You write with such impact that if I didn't know these books were fiction I would have believed I was reading a true account of a person's life. I can read a book in an evening and I have been tired many mornings because I could not put it down until I completed it. There have even been times that I have gone to bed and got up again because I had to find out what happens. I will be spreading the word about Joy Fielding and I look forward to every book that I read. Thank you for the adventures that you take me on through your characters. Keep up the great work.

Kimberly Fry

Oh my goodness- I stumbled upon Whispers and Lies in the library. I read it in two sittings. I couldn't put the thing down! What a well woven story! I really enjoyed the depth of the characters personalities. I wonder how wrong I am about the people that I think I know! Thanks for an awesome story- I'm looking forward to reading more of your books!

Chicago, IL

Dear Joy,

Let me start by saying thank you. Your books have put me on the reading path again. One day I went into the book store and asked the clerk for something good to read she handed me your book Whisper and Lies, and from there I was captivated by your writing. I read that book in 2 days I just couldn't put it down. As soon as that was finished I went back to the book store and purchased another. From here on in I was addicted to your books I just couldn't put them down. Unfortunately I ran into a bit of a snag when I had exhausted the books shelves of the books they were carrying. There are four more I still need to read but I have to order them from the book store. So while I wait for the order to come in, I eagerly anticipated the release of Lost. Everyday I went to the book store asking if their copies were in and finally on Aug. 31, 2003 it came. God I was so excited to have it! I sat down to read this book and by far this is your best. I was completely captivated and unfortunately again 2 days later it was finished. I was utterly amazed at the story line in this book. It kept me captivated like nothing has before, then came the ending and I will be one of the first to admit I was completely shocked by the ending. Not in a million years would I have ever thought this was going to be so good. Way to go Joy, I will forever be a fan and a reader of your novels. I can't wait for the next book even though its going to be a while before its written and available.

Thanks again for such good reading.


To Joy,

I want to say thank you for being such a great author and letting me get away with many hours of pleasurable reading. My first book was "Grand Avenue" and I was just in shock by the end of the book. I usually don't buy books because I figure I would read it once and never look at it again, yet I went out to buy yours. I even purchased some older books you wrote before my time like "Kiss Mommy Goodbye". Truly my most favorites are, "Grand Avenue", "The First Time" and "The Other Woman". The most recent I read was "Whispers and Lies", and holy that scared me so much at the end, but still great suspense. Through a story you make people see never to trust anyone and always expect the unexpected. I cant count the countless times I cried over "The First Time". So to keep this short, please keep writing and don't deny us of your wonderful writings =)

Vanessa To

Hello Joy,

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your books. I just loved First Time and Grand Avenue. I have also liked your earlier books. I have not read Whispers and Lies but I am sure I will also like it. I am so happy to see that you have your new book out, can't wait to buy it. Keep up the writing. I look forward to the new books.


Hi Ms. Fielding,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your books. They always keep me riveted. I find myself either crying or sitting on the edge of my seat, unable to turn the pages fast enough.

Thank you.
Stephanie Soltysiak


I've never sent a note to an author of a magazine article before (Family Circle). Your Road to Love story was very intriguing. I appreciate your effort and artistic creation.


Dear Joy,

I would like to let you know that I have recently discovered your books and I am in love! I have read almost all of your books this summer. I read each book within a few days. I am truly captivated by your writing. Each time I think I have the whole book figured out, you amaze me by taking the plot into a totally new dimension. The first book that I read of yours was See Jane Run. It remains my favorite, but I am mesmerized with each new book I read of yours. I am a college student and this summer has been such an enjoyable break from my courses. I have read so many of your books and it has helped make my summer great. I hope to continue reading your amazing stories. Thank you for your entertaining novels.

Jamie Sher
New York

Dear Ms. Joy,

My name is Yafit, I'm from Israel. I usually read English books for fun and for practice the language and by chance. I had one of your books: "GRAND AVENUE". I must say this book was fabulous one, in many ways that I just couldn't put it down and you kept me up curious, all nights with "Grand Avenue". I saw you have a great list of those kind of series books and II am about to read all of them with love :-) Whirlpool of emotional, loving causing suspense, amazing and interesting , what else? did I forget something?

You are one of a kind! A greatest author's I've ever known. Have a great success in continuation. GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES.

Sincerely Yours,

I had to write and tell you how much I loved the book Grand Avenue. I have not sat down and read a book in over 7 years (3 children in 7 years will do that to you). I work full time and just never had the time. Well three days ago I bought your book thinking maybe if I buy a book I may get a chance to read it someday. Well I just finished it and it has been the best three days I have had in a long time. Thank you for bringing me back to something I love and missed. I am going to run to the store on my lunch hour and get The First Time, Thank you again I feel so rested and happy that I spent some time on me doing what I love. Block buster loves me to since I have rented 4 movies for the kids since I got your book. My house didn't fall down and the kids still ate and I somehow found time to read, I just can't thank you enough.


I just finished the book, my eyes are tired, my family is hungry, my house is a mess. What can I say? It was your best book so far, and I've read them all. Actually, I think it's one of the best books I've ever read. I'm recommending it to all my friends. It was terrific - I didn't see the end coming for an instant. Okay, enough gushing - I LOVED THAT BOOK!

Carlene Rae Dater

I read The First Time and found it to be one of the best books I've ever read. My cousin passed away from ALS and reading this book let me know what would of been
going through his mind. I found it very moving and very true. I had a hard time putting it down and cried all through the last few chapters. Thank you for writing such a good book and letting people realize what ALS is. Keep up the great work!


Dear Joy,

I must say that I am still reeling from Whispers and Lies. I cannot stop thinking about that book and the surprise twist near the end. I am 32 years old, and most of my life I have read novels. Your books have always intrigued me. I just wanted to say that I never in my years of reading great authors like Mary Higgins Clark and Patricia Cornwell, felt as shocked after reading a book as I was when I finished Whispers and Lies. I am looking forward to reading Lost.

One of my other personal favorites is Grand Avenue. Keep up the great writing.

Kimberly Dabreo

Dear Joy,

yesterday I started to read "Missing pieces" and had to read it through at once. I found it very exciting - as all your books! In your books the life is going on many levels and that makes them so interesting, that the reader doesn't want to stop reading before the last side.

I hope you could enjoy your holidays here in Europe and I'm looking forward to your next book!

Best regards from Austria,
Heidi Sturm-Nor'n (Tyrol and Finland)

Dear Joy,

This is a rare letter to an author on my part, but I just HAVE to let you know how much Whispers and Lies moved me. I so ingested every crumb of doubt you dropped, that I became as paranoid as your protagonist deep into the story. And then I was blown away with the twist of events at the conclusion. How did she do that, I pondered, and promptly reread the book cover to cover. That's as rare for me, as writing this fan letter. Now I plan to seek out your other novels. Thanks for helping me escape a very hot summer here in Arizona.

Blue skies,
'Bee' Brown, Sedona, AZ

Dear Ms. Fielding:

I just wanted to let you know that you are by far, one of my all-time favorite authors. I grab everything you write as soon as it hits the stores. Grand Avenue and Whispers and Lies were so great and it's amazing how you can write on such different levels so well! Please keep on writing!

Mary, New Jersey

Dear Joy Fielding,

I started to read "Whispers and Lies" this morning and, as always, started with the acknowledgments. You mentioned how much the emails from your readers mean to you and so I am writing to add my two cents.

I enjoy your books very much. They are always riveting, enthralling, interesting and varied. I read them generally within 2-3 days - I cannot put them down. I was so glad to read on your website (which I wasn't aware of until now) that you are working on a "one book a year" schedule; great news for your fans.

I am Australian expat living in Philippines and it is great that your books also reach here! Thank you for your wonderful written work.

Lisa Hamann

I just wanted to say that I LOVED the Road to Love short story in the latest Family Circle magazine. I thought at first that it was an excerpt from your newest novel (which I am looking forward to), but was just delighted with it as a free-standing short story. It was just wonderful.

Sue Losekamp

Dear Joy,

I am Alessandra, 24, from Italy. When I first read "See Jane Run" I was 14: it had been published in installments on an Italian magazine. I was literally caught up by its plot, and decided to buy it, but unfortunately its Italian translation had already been sold out. I've been searching for it for almost nine years until I finally bought it via the Internet and read it in English. Since I was kind of obsessed with this book, my best friend actually asked me to read it aloud to her. We both agree that it is a real masterpiece. Afterwards, I bought "The Other Woman", "Missing Pieces", "The First Time", "Grand Avenue", and "Don't cry now" and I enjoyed them as well. I'm not going to stop reading your books: you are definitely an intriguing, "never-boring" writer.

Dear Ms Fielding,

You REALLY knocked my socks off in 'Whispers and Lies' ..I love your book, but my interest was piqued as I am also a nurse. I never, ever, expected the course of events in the journey you planned for the main character. It was wonderful. I finished it in one day. Not a meal was cooked in my house !!!! Am looking forward to the next one.

Joanne St. George
Hingham, MA 02043

Hi Joy,

You just keep getting better!!!!!!!!!

I finished Grand Avenue and thought it was your best work-then I read Whispers and Lies (I read this one in two days) and now I think this is the best. Keep writing those great "best books"


Dear Ms. Fielding:

Just when I think you can't get better, you do! You kept me up all last night with "Whispers & Lies" and I'd like to thank you for another great read! This was, by far, my favorite book that you wrote and I had to drop you a note about it! :-)



I have read most of your books and I must say, I cant wait till I get a hold of Whispers and Lies. You just have this way of writing and relaying that captivates me, I can't put the books down. I read Grand Avenue in 3 days and it was so captivating as always. Brief descriptions of general traits of character evolve into a torrid of emotions and feelings and character that is simply hard to resist.

I thought I owed it to you to thank you for the pleasure I get out of reading your books. I am impatient for more to come out.

Cairo, Egypt

Hello Joy--

You write about women-- the whole package-- strength, love, self determination, --and the drama of your plots display them well. Thank you and best wishes to you and those you hold dear.

Toronto Fan

Hi Joy-

I just finished reading Whispers and Lies and all I can say to you is "WOW"!!! This story kept me in suspense the entire time.. and the last couple of chapters really surprised me. Again, you have done a wonderful job on creating yet another great novel.

New Orleans

Hi Joy,
I have read all your books and loved all of them...some more than others. This new one...Whispers and Lies just blew me away. I read it in a day. I just could not put it down. Loved it so...but when I turned the last page I was sad. Now I have to wait for your next one! Thank you for such a fantastic book!



To all my fans who express an interest in collaboration -- while I'm flattered that you think I could do justice to your interesting lives, please understand that such collaborations would be impossible. My natural inclination is to turn everything into fiction, and I have a very hectic schedule which necessitates me working alone, as well as commitments that keep me very busy.

Good luck to all you would-be writers with fascinating stories to tell, and thanks again for peer support.