Joy Fielding

Life Penalty

Doubleday / 1984

She’s searching for the man who killed her daughter. But will he find her first?

It was every mother’s worst nightmare and Gail Watson was living it ever since that sunny spring afternoon when her six-year-old daughter Cindy was found, brutally raped and strangled, in a park only blocks from their home. Her family and friends urge her to forget, to go on with her life. But Gail is living for just one thing: to see her daughter’s killer caught and punished. She has given the police sixty days. Now that deadline is up, and Gail is going after Cindy’s murderer herself daring him to strike again in a spine-chilling search through a dark and dangerous underworld...where only one of them can come out alive...


“Dramatic and heart-rending... The emotions are almost tangible.”
Richmond Times Dispatch
“Tense and unforgettable.”
Anniston Star