Joy Fielding

Letter from Joy

November 8, 2021

Hi, everyone,
Okay, so it’s already November. I have always felt that once September hits, it’s only seconds till Christmas, but this year it seems to be happening even faster. Maybe it’s the pandemic or maybe it's just my age, but I’m even more aware of the passage of time. As country singer Kenny Chesney sings, “Don’t blink!” It’s true - you blink and a year disappears. My sweet, gorgeous granddaughter just celebrated her ninth birthday and my sweet, gorgeous grandson will be twelve next month! It feels impossible. How I manage to stay the same age is beyond me!

The good news, of course - fingers crossed - is that we seem to be nearing the end of the pandemic. Of course, things could always reverse themselves and we could find ourselves in the middle of another wave, but I really hope the worst is over. I’m going to get my third shot as soon as I can book an appointment, and I urge everyone - once again - to get fully vaccinated. I’ve also had my flu shot for this year, so hopefully the year ahead will be as illness-free as last year. I intend to keep wearing my mask indoors for the foreseeable future, and even outdoors when it gets cold. I find it’s better than a scarf for keeping warm!

We’re also hoping to get down to Florida in the new year - for the first time in almost two years - although that will depend on how everything goes. The borders are opening up and restrictions loosening, so hopefully traveling will start returning to normal. It kind of scares me at the moment, to be honest. Like a lot of people, I find I’ve grown accustomed to my pandemic routine. I get up around 7:30, exercise for half an hour, have breakfast, go for a long walk (or play golf), come home, have lunch, run errands and/or do some work, watch TV, have dinner, watch more TV, and go to bed. In the last few months, my world has expanded to include dates with friends and dining outdoors, and even lately eating in restaurants indoors. I still haven’t been inside a movie theatre or gone to a play or museum. The thought of being in an airport causes me anxiety. Funny how the things that made us anxious two years ago are now the things that we’ve grown comfortable with and what we once took for granted has become a source of real concern. Human nature, I guess. I just wish that everyone would be kinder to each other. We’ve become so angry and mean. This pandemic has brought out the worst in so many of us. Whatever happened to love thy neighbour and live and let live?

I’m happy to report that my most recent novel, CUL-DE-SAC, has been doing very well, and that everyone is thrilled with my next novel, THE HOUSEKEEPER. I’m not sure yet when it will be published other than sometime in 2022. Meanwhile, having written two books in as many years, I’m taking a bit of a break, recharging and letting some new ideas percolate. In the meantime, I’m also catching up on my reading. I read Linwood Barclay’s latest, FIND YOU FIRST, and enjoyed it very much. Linwood is a good friend of mine, a lovely man who deserves his great success. I’ve also been reading a number of books detailing the Black experience: THE VANISHING HALF (excellent), SURVIVING THE WHITE GAZE (a fascinating memoir, although I found the writer surprisingly intolerant of her adoptive family), and THE OTHER BLACK GIRL (very disappointing). I’m very much looking forward to Katie Couric’s new book, which I hope to read next.

As for TV, we watched the movie “Stillwater” and really liked it. And I’m still enjoying “The Voice”, although I could do with less of the cute coach banter. And I find it interesting that the show has yet to produce any real stars, although some have enjoyed modest success. Really liked the four-part reunion of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and thought Andy Cohen was terrific. He actually asked the tough questions of Erika Jayne, whom I think is her own worst enemy. She’s a real street fighter and it’s not a good look. Will be interesting to see how next season goes. And I’ve been loving “Impeachment” on FX. The series has been nothing short of riveting and Sarah Paulson is sensational as Linda Tripp. I can’t imagine her not winning the Emmy for her performance. Also enjoying this season of Law&Order, Organized Crime. I didn’t like the first season, so this season has been a pleasant surprise. I’m also still enjoying “The Bachelorette.” The conversations are a little deeper, which is always a pleasant surprise. And I really enjoy “Project Runway.” But the other night when my grandchildren slept over and we were trying to find something to watch on TV before they went to bed and couldn’t find anything, we ended up putting on On Demand and watching three - count them - three!!!! hours of “The Masked Singer”, possibly one of the worst show ever aired. I cannot stand the panel of obnoxious judges, their antics so calculated and phony it made me cringe. I’m sure many of brain cells died during those hours, hours I will never get back.

And that’s about it for now. Till next month, stay safe and healthy, be kind to one another, and get vaccinated!