Joy Fielding

Whispers and Lies

Doubleday / 2002

Joy Fielding has created a riveting tale that challenges our most basic assumptions regarding love, friendship, and obsession.

Terry Painter enjoys her quiet life in tranquil Delray, Florida, where the single, forty-year-old nurse lives alone in the house she inherited from her mother. When young, vibrant Alison Simms rents the cottage on her property, the two women strike up a fast friendship -- and Terry is swept into a fantastic new life: dinners out, shopping, makeovers, even flirting with the handsome son of one of her elderly patients. But nothing about her newfound companion is as it appears, as Terry discovers when Alison’s closely guarded past comes to light. Now Terry is locked into a race to reclaim her own life -- before she opens the door any further to the stranger she thought she knew...


“It’s hard to sit down and read a few pages of one of [Fielding’s] novels and not want to read the rest. Right now.”
Knoxville News-Sentinel