Joy Fielding

The Deep End

Someone’s been calling Joanne Hunter. Someone who knows exactly how she lives. And exactly how she’s going to die.

Joanne Hunter’s secure suburban world is falling apart. Her husband’s desertion after twenty years of marriage leaves her stunned. Eve, her best friend, is strangely distant. Her grandfather, who's been a pillar of strength and support, lies ill and helpless in a nursing home. Lana and Robin, her teenage daughters, claim every ounce of her energy and devotion and all the love she feels she has lost. Only one person seems to care -- a stranger with a rasping voice, a tormentor with a vicious mind. Danger and despair close in with each ring of the telephone. Each deadly message lures her inexorably towards the deep end...


“Once you've got into it, there's no escaping.”
The New York Times
“Runs rings around Mary Higgins Clark.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Fielding has made the woman-in-jeopardy genre her own.”
People Magazine
“Fielding knows how to turn the screws of suspense.”
The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)