Joy Fielding

See Jane Run

Morrow / 1991

Where do you turn when you can’t remember who you trust?

One afternoon in late spring, Jane Whittaker went to the store for some milk and some eggs...and forgot who she was. Jane Whittaker has awakened to a nightmare. She doesn’t know her name, her age...or even what she looks like. Frightened and confused, she wanders the streets of Boston wearing a blood-stained blue dress and carrying $10,000 in her pocket. Her life has become a vacuum, her past vanished...or stolen. And all that remains is a handsome, unsettling stranger who claims to be her husband, whispered rumors about a dead child whom she cannot recall...and a terrifying premonition that something truly horrible is about to occur.


“Intelligent... extraordinary... an entertaining page turner.”
Newport News Daily Press
“The stuff of nightmares... readers are frightened out of their wits.”
San Diego Union
“Fielding handles her material with finesse; suspense is maintained at a high level, and the narrative is enriched by... a cast of sharply drawn, articulate characters.”
Publishers Weekly