Joy Fielding

Mad River Road

Atria Books / 2006

As riveting and beguiling as Joy Fielding’s previous bestselling novels, Mad River Road  is a novel about courage, truth, and the strength that comes only when you believe in yourself.

After spending a year in prison, Ralph Fisher has explicit plans for his first night of freedom: tonight, someone will be held accountable. He goes to murderous lengths to obtain the address of his former wife -- the woman he blames for his fate and against whom he has sworn vengeance. Determined to bring her to his idea of justice, Ralph’s next step is to travel from Florida’s sandy beaches to Dayton, Ohio, where his ex-wife is struggling to make ends meet on Mad River Road.


“The intricate, twisty plot builds to an explosive climax”
Publishers Weekly
“Thrills and chills - with substance... As much a smart domestic drama as it is a taut thriller”
People Magazine
“It’s hard to sit down and read a few pages of one of [Joy Fielding’s] novels and not want to read the rest. Right now.”
The Knoxville News-Sentinel
“Fielding understands what many female readers want. She gives us an independent, assertive heroine who gets to do the things most us would tsk about.”
The Gazette (Montreal)
“Fielding is as artful as Margaret Atwood when it comes to exploring female anger and the relationships between victim and victimizer... It is Fielding’s talent for entwining the banal with the inconceivably evil that makes her stories so real.”
The Globe and Mail
“Fielding masterfully manipulates our expectations.”
The Washington Post