Joy Fielding


Atria Books / 2004

New York Times bestselling  author Joy Fielding delivers her most glamorous and intriguing book to date in a novel about the disappearance of a gorgeous young actress, and a mother whose life is thrown into turmoil as a result.

Losing Julia has become a constant in Cindy Carver’s life. The first time Julia disappeared, she was five years old and vanished at the playground. That inspired motherly paranoia. The second was when, at age fourteen, Julia decided to move in with her father. That broke Cindy’s heart. But when twenty-one-year-old Julia disappears without a trace after a promising audition with one of Hollywood’s most powerful and influential directors, Cindy begins a frantic search. Secrets are revealed, lives are forever altered, and Cindy is forced to acknowledge the disturbing truth about the young woman she realizes she never really knew.

Every stranger was a possible friend; every friend a possible foe. How well do we know anybody? How well do we know ourselves?


“Disturbingly credible... You will not be able to put it down.”
Tampa Tribune
“Joy Fielding’s writing... is a cross between Margaret Atwood and Patricia Highsmith... Once again, Fielding has created an unusual and compelling central character who is sure to mesmerize.”
The Globe and Mail
“Fielding is at her finest.”
Winnipeg Free Press
“Lost manages to be gossipy good, scary and emotionally involving, all at the same time.”
The Toronto Sun
“The narrative is seamless.”
Toronto Star
“Fielding has a real knack for getting inside the head of a contemporary woman, as well as accurately describing the current concerns and issues of modern society.”
The Globe and Mail