Joy Fielding


Atria Books / 2007

From the New York Times  and internationally bestselling author of Mad River Road  comes a spine-tingling thriller about a picturesque Florida town -- and the killer determined to prey on its teenage girls.

Welcome to Torrance, Florida. Population: 4,160. As Sheriff John Weber would attest, the deadliest predators to date in his tiny hamlet were the alligators lurking in the nearby swamps. But that was before someone abducted and murdered a runaway teenage girl...and before the disappearance of popular and pretty Liana Martin. The pattern is chilling to Sandy Crosbie, the town's new high school English teacher. With a marriage on the rocks, thanks to her husband’s online affairs, and a beautiful teenage daughter to protect, Sandy wishes she’d never come to the seemingly quiet town with shocking depths of scandal, sex, and brutality roiling beneath its surface. And as Sheriff Weber digs up more questions than answers in a dead-end investigation, one truth emerges: the prettiest ones are being targeted, the heartstoppers. And this killer intends to give them their due....

Alternating between the chilling journal entries of a cold-blooded murderer and the sizzling scandals of small-town life, Heartstopper  is Joy Fielding’s most exciting novel of suspense yet.


“I begged for Heartstopper to no avail, until it was formally submitted to me, and tore through it, then reread it... It delivers the goods... Heartstopper is Fielding’s best book to date... Stylistically assured."
Lynn Crosbie, The Globe and Mail
“Thrills and chills - with substance... As much a smart domestic drama as it is a taut thriller.”
People Magazine
“Compulsively readable... you’ll be up all night”
Kirkus Reviews